Yoga For All


Meet the team:

Dr Mariam Manoukian

I am board certified in internal medicine with special interest in metabolism, hormones and prevention and treatment of medical conditions like diabetes, obesity, heart disease and osteoporosis. In today’s overstressed sedentary lifestyle, and use of technology from our daily work, it is more than ever important to pay attention to food you eat, breathing, exercise and sleep. I’m passionate about yoga and its benefits in everyday life. 


I am Jeanne Wun, a certified yoga instructor. I teach yoga flow and chair yoga to improve strength, flexibility, balance, mindfulness and bone health.


I am Natalie Drucker, I have my bachelors in Kinesiology with a concentration in Health Science. I am an avid runner and have a deep understanding of the anatomical and physiological connection during exercise. 


 Disclaimer   The following disclaimer is for our Yoga for All (YFA) classes. Classes are suitable for all ages and ability levels, unless otherwise expressed. Please consult your primary care doctor prior to engaging in any physical activity or exercise. In the absence of any negligence or other breach of duty by the instructor, your participation in this class is entirely at your own risk.


There are tremendous benefits to overall health and wellbeing. Yoga can be physically challenging and there are risks that cannot be entirely eliminated. For instance, there is risk of personal injury and aggravating existing injuries or conditions during your participation.

Therefore, participants must:

  • – Be responsible.
  • – Know your body and limitations. 
  • – Be mindful.
  • – Listen to your body. Follow instructions. Take modifications and adjustments, accordingly.
  • – Clear space to safely exercise.
  • – Stop exercises if you feel discomfort or they are too difficult for your level of experience and ability. 
  • – Acknowledge, in the absence of any negligence or other breach of duty by the instructor, participating in this yoga class is entirely at your own risk. 
  • – Confirm that you have read and understood this disclaimer by participating in this class. 


  • – Ideal time to practice yoga is early or first thing in the morning on an empty stomach; preferably with a clear bowel.
  • – Avoid drinking tea or other beverages before yoga or limit yourself to ½ a cup.
  • – Consider practicing yoga 3 to 4 hours after a heavy meal; 1 to 2 hours after a light meal; 45 minutes after tea, juice or fresh fruits.


What you will need for Yoga Flow: yoga mat, mini band, towel and water to stay hydrated. Bare feet, yoga socks (optional). A quiet space on the floor with no obstruction to your movement when you get up and down from your mat. Comfortable yoga clothing or leggings.

What you will need for Chair Yoga: Sturdy upright armless chair, towel and water to stay hydrated. Wear comfortable clothing, tennis shoes. A quiet space where you can put your arms out like a “T”, swing arms left to right and fold forward unobstructed.   

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